Product development through the eyes of the consumer. Technology that works in people's lives. Takahiro Tsuji Engineering Department, Sash Hardware Division

Technology that is easy for everyone to use is good technology

photoMy job is to design hardware for windows, doors, and sashes that are used in apartment buildings and houses. The sash hardware, to explain briefly, includes sliding door rollers, handles, and stays of all shapes and sizes for different uses. The thing I am constantly aware of is how the user, the consumer, sees the product. Naturally I am concerned with how smoothly a door opens or how durable it is and for how long it will be usable, but I also think about how easily the door can be opened by a person with a disability, a child who does not have much strength, or an elderly person. That's the level of consideration that needs to go into a product. As an NKC engineer, I feel that I am in an important position because I am able to use my technical skills in ways that affect people's lives. I believe that the true sign of good technology is the ability for it to make people happy.


I imagine the user's happy face...

In the process of creating a product, from design and development to commercialization, we have to overcome numerous difficulties. One thing we must do is make prototypes and test how well they perform over and over again. We may go through many prototypes before finally finding one that works, only to discover that it doesn't work well in combination with other parts. That can be very tough at times. But it is all the more rewarding when you see a product that you've made being used in town. It really feels good. In a sense you could say this is what making products is really all about. Sometimes, though, customers will come back with a complaint. At those times I feel a little bit down, but I take a positive approach by facing the problem directly to learn from it and use that in the next round of development. Seeking to create something better by overcoming obstacles gives me a sense of purpose as an engineer. When you develop things, the job is never over. I always put forth my best effort, thinking of moving forward, pushing ahead, while envisioning the happy faces of end users.