The Power of Technology Heart&Technology

Always reaching for the next possibility. We aim to develop technologies at the leading edge of every generation. Kimihiro Mitani Technical Development Department, Bearing Retainer Division

Applying diverse technologies in collaboration has given rise to new evolution in bearings.

photoThe Bearing Retainer Division of NKC produce a wide range of products such as retainers (metal and plastic) and seals (rubber and metal) for preventing the leakage of lubricating oil. We also produce automobile parts for which demand has been increasing recently. ABS-related parts and engine parts are further examples of parts that embody the best of our bearing technologies and play an important role in supporting the automobile industry in Japan and abroad. My responsibility in the company is the design of the molds which give the bearing retainers their shape. It's a big responsibility, but one that also brings great fulfillment.
The retainers we design can range in size from 3 mm in diameter for use in precision equipment such as computers to 3 meters in diameter for use in windmills. The range is highly diverse in both size and type. We also manufacture many kinds of composite products that combine metal and plastic or metal and rubber. There are different sections at NKC for rubber development and bearing development that pool their knowledge to produce new achievements. Being able to work in an environment that encourages the use of all kinds of technologies and methodologies to create new and more advanced products makes me feel blessed to be an engineer.


The chance to improve oneself as the technology itself advances.

I am always looking for new challenges. That's how I operate. I am not content to leave things as they are. If I can find a way to improve something that we are producing, I will pursue it. It's important to think this way as an engineer. And if you do, your technical skills will continue to improve naturally. The opportunity to improve oneself as the technology advances is something that I wouldn't trade for anything.
My goal is to develop some kind of system that no one has thought of yet, or to develop a technology that lets you do some kind of press work that was not possible before. At any rate, my focus will be on something that is leading-edge.
My job as an engineer, beyond doing what is required, of course, is to go a step further and always be ready to propose new ideas.